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The ViA Brand portfolio

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The founder of the ViA Group also known as the ViA Card Group; Lars Olof Kanngard, has from as early as 2001 developed the brand name "ViA", which later has resulted in a large IP Portfolio (IP stands for Intellectual Property).

This website "The ViA Brand" gives a short overview of the registered trademarks, service marks and product names used within the ViA Concept and model.

A more detail history and more details you can find on the website, which will be presented..

  The history to the name and the use of "via", came-out of the idea to operate Dubai as a eHUB between east and West, whereas the name natural become "VIA DUBAI", you can here see on the right side the first graphical image of "VIA DUBAI". via dubai logo


  At a later stage we where told that we should be careful to use 'Dubai' as part of a name it could bring limitation to what we was planing to do, so there we was with only the letter" v i a " and we started to look on how those three letter can be connected to what was planned to made is a corporation.  

Virtual Instant Access - ViA become the first short name i.e. acronym of the three letter "v", "i" and "i". Born in Sweden, me as the founder, do understand that the word "via" is a so common used word as well as a brand for a 'normal' washing-powder, so have any success to protect "via" as letters, is just to forget. We will need to be more innovative..... The first change was that the word 'virtual' was exchanged to via and the acronym become a double acronym" via instant access" = via.

But let us take it one more level or actually two more level of being innovative:


What you see is what we do

The business idea of what we will do is to make transaction / data more secure today and in the future, so that means we do bring information in to ViA, which is symbolized by the first letter, the "V" which in the image are an arrow in to the company.

So to the left you can see our Registered trademark ViA logo, which has been protected in many countries around the world as a registered trademark.


The rest of the image are not directly related alphabetic letters, they are graphical images which describe what we do. So the first "V" brings in the information.

The second part of the image is, before it is changed the number "1" (one) which is crucial to have if we should do IT transactions and than we need "0" (zero") which comes out from the number one as part of the process.

  Here you can see how the ZERO comes out from the ONE (1) and finally ending up as the dot over the i.
YouTube link

So here is now a ONE and a Zero combined in a nice designed "i".

You can look at the animation of the ViA Logo animation on You Tube, click here.



The Trademark Portfolio of the ViA Global Holdings AG, consist of graphical images, which you can see here as well as a large range product and service name as well as planed names for subsidiaries and corporations which is planned for horizontal future expansions.




The ViA official logotype is today registered in many countries around the world and in many countries with still pending applications.

The latest country registration was in Thailand August 2013.

This is the latest of the creations to combine the logo with a company name or a service name and then file protection as a trademark.  

The ViA Single character image is a result of making ONE single character still displaying the ViA logo or the ViA name.

Within the traditional card industry, each card brand has its own 'single character' symbol.


The Corporate Social responsibility program of the ViA Model is as you may know a well defined and well documented vision which will be carried out under this brand.  
ViA a better way! become a slogan already back in 2005 when ViA was created. today we have trademark registrations in several of countries, and more to come....  

The number of web name registered to the ViA Global Holdings AG's group has now in September 2, 2013 reached more than 334 domain-names out of 374 total domain-names.

These name are related existing or future services, existing or future subsidiaries, future or existing innovations, product names or phrases to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Within the ViA concept which is a truly holistic combination of a complete VALUE-CHAIN where everyone fit in and a model which doesn't make the ViA Model to compete with others, the ViA Model is a compliment and a bridge between other initiatives, in a better way!


Music & Jingles
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Sales Promotion Materials
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ViA Uniform
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Sales Gadgets
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Patent Portfolio

The patent portfolio within the ViA Global Holdings AG and applications made by Lars Olof Kanngard exceeds today more than 40 patents.

These will be presented on another website.





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